Why K9’S should be present at airports

Outside perimeter

An airport being a vast piece of land allows for many points of entry. With just a fence surrounding the perimeter is a very weak point and subject to possible trespassing and worse.

It would be much safer with already having a conventional security team present with the addition of a patrol K9 making potential threats to think twice before trespassing. Using visual deterrence is just one of the added benefits of having a K9 on site.

Inside the Airport

With most K9’s not just being patrol dogs they offer a secondary purpose of detecting either narcotics or explosives/firearms. So when there are opportunities to search unattended bags and ensure the safety of the premises it goes without question the need for a K9. As well as upon finding a suspicious package is it extremely pertinent to quickly check it as explosive devices are time sensitive and the lives of individuals priceless.

Executive security

When VIP’s come through the airport it will be vital to have the proper procedures and protocol to keep them safe. With the addition of a K9 it will keep them even more safer than before with the K9 being three times faster than the average human. An aggressor won’t even have the time to react before the K9 does, allowing not only the VIP to be safe but the rest of the security team as well as the people in the vicinity.

List of benefits of having a K9 at an airport:

  • Perimeter patrol
  • Visual deterrence
  • Detecting for explosives/firearms, narcotics, or even both
  • A quicker response time to check suspicious bags and packages
  • The ability to check luggage for illegal substances