What not to do when seeing a working dog on duty

With the new addition of K9 teams coming to locations near you, or already active teams present in your area it is important to know what not to do when either seeing a working (dog) K9

It is vital that you never approach a K9 team without them seeing you or blatantly walking right towards them. You should always proceed with caution because you never know how a K9 might react to your actions, regardless of how friendly they might look.

It is extremely important to also not make noises to distract the dog (Kissing noises/Barking etc). It is distracting the dog from doing its job and infuriates the handler trying to simply do his/her job by making sure the dog is working and not focusing on an individual making noises.

If you have any questions please save it for when they are without their dog or not actively working as it is a focus intensive job and requires all their attention to be in their work.

I can only hope the next time you see a working dog you do your due diligence of keeping your distance and allowing the K9 team to do their job. At the end of the day they are their to not just keep themselves safe but you as well.