The importance of a home protection dog

“A 24 hour surveillance system that not only protects you, but loves you as well”

Having a home protection dog is one of the best ways to keep your family and home safe. Unlike a conventional weapon, a K9 is 3X faster than a human being and will be there before the intruder can even blink. These highly trained loving protection machines are put through a rigorous selection process from the time they are born to the moment they are put into a home.

It all starts with their ability to assess and stay clear minded even in crisis, not to react to loud noises, not to be afraid of being attacked. These are truly modern day spartans of the dog kingdom.

With a clear minded dog their ability to be loyal and kean for the next command is incomparable. From the moment you draw breath, this K9 is eager to work and help.

These Home protectors are chosen to not only be level headed but ruthless when needed to protect their loved ones from a trespasser.

They are trained day in and day out to different scenarios the same way a special forces operator prepares for combat. They train for a day that may never come, these dogs are truly the best of the best and a one of a kind specimen.

Before an intruder can even pull out their weapon the K9 will already be fulfilling its job.

Some of the reasons to have a Home protection K9:

  • Owning a home
  • Kids present
  • Valuable belongings
  • No available way to defend yourself
  • Protects you while you sleep and have your back turned

There are plenty of other reasons from all corners of the world, but I hope we have answered some of your questions and concerns regarding these amazing home protectors.