Floppy-eared or pointy-eared breeds

Floppy-eared Breeds: Labrador Retriever, German Shorthaired Pointer, Vizslas, Springer Spaniels, Bloodhounds

Pointy-eared Breeds: Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds, MAL-GSD Hybrids, Dobermans, Dutch Shepherds

There are many characteristics floppy-eared and pointy-eared breeds share. Just like any personnel decision, certain qualities fill certain roles better than others. Generally, floppy-eared breeds have much friendlier appearances, while pointy-eared breeds bring a more traditional aggressive image.

Pointy-eared dogs reign far superior in K9 functions such as visual deterrence and personal protection. As well as these benefits, they are extremely proficient in detection services of all types. They are known to be extremely high energy and highly driven to work.

Floppy-eared dogs offer extremely effective detection skills as well. Maintenance training for floppy-eared dogs is vital, as they tend to have lower working drives than their counterparts. Conversely, an effective floppy-eared dog is ideal for working in crowds of people where aggressive visual deterrence is more counter-productive than effective. Friendly K9 teams promote relaxed environments while maintaining safety.