Armis SSK9 Program

The Armis SSK9 program is a comprehensive solution to the pressing problem of drugs and firearms in schools and universities. The program is designed to provide a safe and secure environment for students, teachers, and staff, by leveraging the exceptional skills of trained K9 handlers and their dogs.

With the rise of drug and firearms-related incidents in schools and universities, the need for a proactive solution has never been greater. The Armis SSK9 program provides schools and universities with an active and persistent line of defense, using K9s trained to detect drugs, firearms, and other dangerous materials.

The program is designed to be highly effective, yet non-intrusive, with K9 teams working in the background to keep schools and universities drug and gun-free. This helps to promote a sense of safety and security, allowing students, teachers, and staff to focus on learning and teaching without the fear of violence or harm.

Armis K9 takes pride in our commitment to excellence and professionalism, and this is reflected in every aspect of the SSK9 program. Our K9 handlers undergo rigorous training and are supported by experienced trainers and veterinarians, ensuring that every K9 team is equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to be highly effective.

The Armis SSK9 program represents a major step forward in the field of school and university security. By partnering with Armis K9, schools and universities can take an active role in creating a safe and secure environment for their students, teachers, and staff. Join us in this important mission, and experience the peace of mind that comes with having the best K9 teams on your side.