Commercial Detection Services

Armis K9 stands out from other providers in the field by utilizing innovative techniques such as static searching methods and utilizing mobile odor in crowds. Here’s how these techniques set Armis K9 apart:

Static Searching Methods: Armis K9 employs static searching methods, which involve training their dogs to remain engaged on non moving objects and items while conducting a thorough search for narcotics, explosives, and or firearms. This approach allows for meticulous and focused searching, ensuring a higher level of accuracy and detection. By utilizing static searching methods, Armis K9 demonstrates their commitment to precision and effectiveness in detecting hidden substances.

Mobile Odor in Crowds: Armis K9 understands the challenges of detecting odors in crowded and dynamic environments. They have developed specialized training techniques that enable their dogs to detect and follow mobile odor trails even in crowded spaces. This means that their K9 teams can effectively search for narcotics or other substances in crowded venues, events, or transportation hubs where conventional searching methods might be hindered. By leveraging mobile odor detection, Armis K9 provides a unique and valuable service for clients who require thorough searches in busy environments.

By incorporating these techniques into their operations, Armis K9 distinguishes themselves as a provider that prioritizes precision, thoroughness, and adaptability. Their use of static searching methods and mobile odor detection in crowds allows them to deliver effective and reliable results even in challenging scenarios. This sets them apart from other providers and positions them as a trusted and capable choice for clients seeking exceptional detection and security services.


Explosives Detection: Armis K9 provides professional detection services for explosive materials, including both improvised and commercial explosives. Our trained K9 teams can accurately detect and identify a wide range of explosive threats, providing corporate businesses with the highest level of security and peace of mind. With this service, corporate businesses can safeguard employees, customers, and visitors, reducing the risk of catastrophic events and protecting their reputation.


Firearm Detection: Armis K9 specializes in the detection of concealed firearms and ammunition. Their K9 teams undergo rigorous training to accurately detect and identify firearms, providing a high level of security and peace of mind for corporate businesses. This service is essential for corporate businesses, such as theme parks, arenas, and other large public gathering places, as it significantly reduces the risk of gun-related incidents, promoting a safer environment for all and protecting against potential liabilities.


Narcotics Detection: Armis K9 offers professional detection services for illegal drugs, including cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and more. Their trained K9 teams can accurately detect and identify a wide range of illicit drugs, helping to keep areas of deployment safe and drug-free. With this service, corporate businesses can reduce the risk of drug-related incidents, promote a safe and drug-free workplace for employees and customers, and safeguard against potential liabilities.

By utilizing the detection services provided by Armis K9, corporate businesses can take proactive steps towards ensuring a safe and secure environment. With our advanced training and expertise, corporate businesses will heavily benefit from partnering with Armis K9 by ensuring a safe and secure environment for all employees, customers, and visitors.