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Family Friendly
Level Headed
man and German Shepherd Dog,in nature watching sunset by the river

Armis K9 is proud to offer top-of-the-line personal protection dogs that are unmatched in their quality and training. Our dogs are hand-selected for their exceptional temperaments, bonding ability, and intelligence, making them the perfect combination of protection and companionship.

Our highly skilled team of trainers use only the best techniques and methods to provide our protection dogs with advanced training in personal protection, and obedience. This results in dogs that are not only highly capable of protecting their owners, but also well-behaved and obedient family, personal and corporate companions.

We source and hand select dogs from the very best Kennels in Europe:

Included with an Armis Protection Dog,

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For further years it is highly recommended that at minimum the Armis Protection Dog is given a refresher course at least once a year. Training can take place at our Armis K9 Facility, or at a given location for an added cost for travel.

Refresher Courses starting at $2000