At Armis it is our mission to:

  • Keep people safe
  • To neutralize all threats
  • To continue making a change
  • To expect the unexpected

Armis K9 vows to uphold its responsibility to protect the populous in any environment.

Who We Are?

We are an organization of K9 professionals and teams who value safety and security. We take our services to an advanced level in proficient detection strategies to prepare for any threat. Our Explosive, Narcotic, Firearm K9 Detection Teams, Guard K9 Teams, and Executive protection teams combat the everyday risk of these threats. Our professional teams come from a wide array of backgrounds including Military, Police, and other sectors of specialized security. We separate ourselves from others by putting our focus on corporate areas, corporate parks, stadiums, concert venues, festivals, hospitals, and much more. We’ve spent time perfecting how to work in these environments with training and choosing the right dog. As well as working closely with existing security teams in these locations to come up with protocols to work well side by side with them. We truly believe our methods and strategy are the best for the environments we serve using K9.

Why Us?

We specialize in corporate protective specializations. Our K9 teams go through a rigorous selection and training process to be best fit for our prospective working locations whether it be an office space or a concert. We prepare our teams not just to be proficient in working but also ample to the environment in which they’re in. Our goal from the start was to create a K9 company that catered too and seamlessly worked with existing security companies, corporate environments, festivals/concerts and much more. We differentiate ourselves because we specialize in these environments and we’re willing to adapt to ensure an excellent level of work and less liability with the addition of a dog to an environment.