Our Services

Below are the services we offer

Explosive Detection

It is hard to have a peace of mind when any location can become a target at any moment. Our highly trained handlers and K9s will provide that first line of defense against any explosive item.

Narcotic Detection

Addiction is growing more every year and as a company that values the lives of others we find the route of the issue in personal homes, corporate settings, and large venues.

Guard & Patrol K9

At times a location needs a bit of extra help combatting unruly situations such as fights and weapons as well as protecting certain locations from potential trespassers.

Executive Protection

Individuals who are popular, wealthy, or both are eagerly sought out as targets. It is our goal at Armis K9 to protect those individuals at all costs.

Who We Are

We are an organization of K9 professionals and teams who value safety and security. We take our services to an advanced level in proficient detection strategies to prepare for any threat. Our Explosive, Narcotic, Firearm K9 Detection Teams, Guard K9 Teams, and Executive protection teams combat the everyday risk of these threats. Our professional teams come from a wide array of backgrounds including Military, Police, and other sectors of specialized security.

We separate ourselves from others by putting our focus on corporate areas, corporate parks, stadiums, concert venues, festivals, hospitals, and much more. We’ve spent time perfecting how to work in these environments with training and choosing the right dog. As well as working closely with existing security teams in these locations to come up with protocols to work well side by side with them. We truly believe our methods and strategy are the best for the environments we serve using K9.